Thursday, February 12, 2009

Two things-

There's a couple things I've been thinking the past few days.

The first is how much I love this writing community. I blog hopped, starting from Janette Rallison's site (thanks Janette :) ), and found this whole big blog writing world. IT'S BEAUTIFUL! (sorry for shouting, haha, I just love it so).

Each day, before I begin writing on my manuscript, I actually visit a handful of writing blogs to help me get in the mind set. Each time I do this I find little nuggets of gold. Example, yesterday I found out about LTUE, a free writer's conference. Oh the joy! I mean, who isn't up for that? Thanks LaRene Hall at LDS Writers Blogck.

The second was about my main character's voice. This being the first real YA I've written (I've also written a failed chapter book that was so horrendously bad I'm embarrassed) I'm not sure if I have a problem on my hands or not. I'd love some feedback.

Carlina, my main character, is willing to self sacrifice in order to do what she thinks her dad wants. And if that means accepting an evil (and the most popular girl) at school as her stepsister, and a superficial stepmom into her life, then she'll do it. Everything that comes out of Carlina's mouth is nonconfrontational. And no matter how bad her life gets she won't let anyone know about it. The possible problem lies in the fact that when Carlina is speaking in her head her voice can be quite sarcastic and hurt. But when she speaks outloud she sounds like a demure little mouse. Is that ok when the character thought voice is different from the spoken voice?

So those are my thoughts. Looking back through my post I realized I'm having a parenthesis day. Cool beans. Love ya guys!!!


  1. I think that is a terrific idea! Honestly, don't you think each of us has a little of that inside?

    Only, my sarcastic thoughts happen AFTER the confrontation. It's a curse, really.

  2. haha. That's me in real life. The cool thing about writing is you have time to think of a really good comeback for your character!