Thursday, February 5, 2009

Is Writing Not An Art?

A while back I was blog hopping through my graduating class's blogs. In one of the blogs the writer is big time into art- like photography and painting. In one of her posts she made the statement, "I know that writing is not technically considered an art."


That was news to me. Writing is definitely not a science. If it were, I think a great many of us would be published authors.

Really, writing is similar to all the other forms of art. We, as individuals, are trying to make our thoughts and emotions entertaining for other to look at/read. Right? Am I wrong here?

Have any of you ever heard someone say writing is not considered an art?


  1. I have never heard THAT before. Yikes, that makes me want to cry onto my lappy!

  2. Writing is definitely an art (unless you do it badly, then it's just sad.) So I totally claim the write to be an eccentric artist.

  3. That's really interesting to me...because I tend to see (with my students) that those most talented in drawing and who spend a lot of time on it also have a story they are writing. They are my kindred spirits. I wouldn't have gotten anywhere in my book if I couldn't draw the characters as well.

    I'm not saying there aren't plenty of people that can't do one without the other, but it seems more often the case that people do both.

    And what about poetry?