Friday, March 20, 2009

Critique Group

Hey, I need some help.

I am on the lookout for a critique group. I'm in one group already that exchanges manuscripts online (YOU GIRLS ROCK!), but I'd like to also have one that meets in person.

I recently went to one group that's been meeting for quite a few years, but they were much more focused on punctuation than the story. We read parts of five different manuscripts and not once did anyone make a comment more in depth than, "You need a comma here." I was bummed.

I'm currently working on a YA and would love to know if anyone has openings in their group or if they know of one that meets in the Payson to Provo area.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

First Rejection Letter

Well, by my standards, I now consider myself a true author. I received my first rejection letter today from Deseret Book.

And as odd as it sounds, I'm ok with it. In fact, the annoyingly optimistic side of me thinks, "Hey, I want to frame this letter. It means I'm on the road. I'm following my dream."

I know that one day I'll be published. Whether in a year or ten or twenty, if I put in the work it will happen. I believe I have some natural talent (not JK Rowling or anything) and I believe I can learn everything else.

Now, on to writing. Carlina and Harley are calling.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Shout out for Francine Prose

Ok, I just have to give a huge huge huge (I guess I could have just said gigantic) shout out to Francine Prose, author of Reading Like a Writer.

This book is amazing. For the past couple of years I keep hearing, "If you want to write then read, read, read." I get that. But nobody has ever explained how to "read". Yes, I know that last sentence sounded funny. Think about it though. There are fast readers and slow readers, readers that skip everything that isn't dialogue and readers that read all of it. So I took the advice and just kept reading. I read the way I always have - for enjoyment.

But Mrs. (or Ms., I don't know) Prose introduces how to read like a writer. I'm not even halfway through her book but I've already implemented some of the things she talks about. Let's put it this way - on average it takes me three days to read a book. However, with my current book it's taken me five days to read to chapter three. And I have learned more than I ever have. And you know what - it's made my writing a heck of a lot easier.

A light bulb went off in my head - and I love it!

And to make things even better, there is a mighty wind storm right now in Utah - and it just blew off one of the hideous, slightly pink, shudders one my house. Now I can justify buying brand new, gorgeously black, shudders. I can't wait!

And just so you know - I never go back through and fix all my writing errors in these posts. All rules go out the window and I just write. How liberating after dissecting every word and punctuation mark in my manuscript!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!