Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Stream of Concience

Well, one whole week later and I finally finished my goal of character sketches and a rough draft of one of the most pivotal scenes in my book. I took the scene with me to critique group last night. I wanted to know if I pulled off the emotional pull I needed. My fellow writers said I accomplished the feeling -Yay! Now I just need to clean and tighten it up. The more I write the more I discover that I write three drafts before I finally get to what I call my rough draft. Haha. It gets annoying, but I can't leave a scene until I feel it's halfway decent.

Lately, the thoughts of how I need to stop watching so much TV at night and read instead has been jumping in my brain like big, red bouncy balls. Currently, I'm reading Savvy by Ingrid Law. It's such a fun book but is taking me forever to get through (due to too much TV at night and not enough reading). I also got Hunger Games from the library and can't wait to get into that.

Since I'm so non-visual I decided to assign my characters actors and actresses. THAT WAS SO FUN! I've always been a fan of Emmy Rossum and using her as my main character is almost like meeting her in real life, only probably cooler.

The last thing in this rambling post is a Shout Out to Molly and Smart Cookie. THE best sugar cookies I've ever had. The Easter Bunny would totally replace Santa in my book if he filled my easter basket with those cookies this year.

Forgive this nonsense of a post. It's pretty much just a stream of concience. My goal for this week is to get two scenes hashed out in my book. I'm excited!

Oh, one last thought - to all fellow writers - check out the TV show Castle on Monday nights (I think at nine). It's about a murder writer that helps solve cases. It's pretty fun. :)



  1. I've had to give up waiting tv to support my writing habit. I don't miss it, can you believe it? Except once in a while when I can't figure out what anyone is talking about when we are in a group together. =)

  2. Ah, your strength is admirable. Hopefully one day ... like after this season ends. haha.